Monday, May 17, 2010

17/05/10 – The joys of Internet Dating

So a few years back I decided to take a bit of a break from punting and attempt to rejoin the real world and see if I couldn’t find myself a nice girlfriend. So I decided to take the plunge and give the old Internet dating thing a try. So I paid my subscription and spent ages trying to get my profile right. Well anyways I started to send out messages and such. I was so keen at the beginning. It didn’t take long for me to lose faith. You can only send out so many messages without response before getting disheartened. All in all I was a member there for around 12 months. During that time I had a total of 3 dates which all ended up with the same result “you’re such a lovely guy, not quite what I’m looking for. We can be friends if you like…” yeah it was the usual story.

I had a date with a girl called Hannah. She had Red hair, freckles and a nice curvy figure and was in her late 20’s. She liked to drink beer and loved football (round ball variety) so our msn chats were always lively. I had some good hopes for this one. We met in a trendy bar in the city for a couple of pints after work one lazy Tuesday evening. We seemed to get along well. I was pleased with how it went and was keen to see her again. I was hoping she would too. So when I hit her up on msn it didn’t take long for her to drop the news. It was disappointing to say the least. I tried not to let it get me down and remain positive. You can’t expect miracles from the internet now can you?

Next I had a date with a girl who was in the same suburb as me. So we met at a local café to see how it went. She was a year or two older than me, brunette and really very attractive. Also very smart. A real good conversationalist. We had a few drinks and I had a really nice time. I even gave her a lift home. This one (sadly I can’t remember her name) didn’t wait for msn or email. She told me to my face that this wasn’t going to work and that I wasn’t what she was after. I took a deep breath. This was just another bump in the road. To be expected I kept telling myself.

I then met a younger girl called Gemma. She was a curvy blonde with the most gorgeous face. Now she was pretty upfront and said she just wanted a casual fuck buddy type of relationship which I was very open to. So I went over to her place with a bottle of wine and some chocolates. We had some wine and sat on the couch and watched a DVD. After the movie was over she told me I was a very nice guy and very respectful and pleasant but she wasn’t attracted to me like that. Okay, a little bizarre after we had exchanged photos, naughty videos and all sorts of things but I didn’t get angry. I thanked her for the nice night and drove over an hour to get home.

So all in all from my 12 month Internet dating adventure I reckon I spent hours on hours composing hundreds of emails, spent hundreds of dollars on subscription fees, spent a fair whack on phone calls and text messages. At the end I ended up only having the three dates. All were lovely girls but none of them were into me. So it led me to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the girls, nothing wrong with the internet dating site, nothing wrong with my expectation levels but plenty wrong with me. So I cancelled my membership and went back to punting. At least you are guaranteed some intimacy at the end and dollar for dollar it seems to be much better investment. Plus you don’t have to live through the disappointment of being told you’re a wonderful guy but I’m not into you like that. Is it any wonder I’m broken?


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