Sunday, May 9, 2010

09/05/10 – Mothers Day

So I sit here at home having just returned from a strange but enjoyable evening. I went to a friend’s place for dinner and beers. She had a couple of mates over too. The chicken was good the beers were better, then I hear the revelation that we were going out. *Sigh* I didn’t really want to go out but hey decided to anyways. So we went to one of my old favorites’ the Melbourne Central Lion Bar. It hasn’t changed a bit. Still heaps of Asian students, still the group of Africans who dominate the pool tables and Cover Band whom all the 30 something’s dance and sing along to. All the cover band classics came out, Sweet Dreams, Jessie’s Girl the whole lot. Any way one of the guys in our group appeared to be going pretty hard trying to pick up a nice 20 something brunette. She was one of the most attractive girls on that entire dance floor. This guy is a little older than me and seemed to be doing alright with it.

Cut to an hour or two later and we are moving onto the next venue and this guy hadn’t picked up this girl and felt like discussing it with me and asked me if I thought he was crazy. What had happened was this girl was married and unhappy and this was her first night out in like 6 months. She was really happy to get the attention it made her feel a little wanted again as she doesn’t get that impression at home anymore. She also told this guy she would have been more than happy to sleep with him if he wanted. So the guy had done the right thing and told her to go home to her man with a smile on her face which she did. I turned to him and said “no I don’t think you’re crazy at all mate, you did the right thing and that’s what’s important.” “I think your right.” He said. Well that put a smile on my face. See ladies there are some guys who remember how to treat girls properly. Don’t be hating on us all the time.

Well I will be back with some more juicy stuff tomorrow or the next day but as it is Mothers Day I wanted to share something positive for once.


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