Monday, February 28, 2011

28/02/11 – If you Drink & Drive you’re a Bloody Idiot

Drinking and driving home (and stopping off at Macca's on the way) was something I had been doing for years. I had been pulled over several times over the years and always been either right on the line of just below it. I'd never been charged. In hindsight this was a bad thing because it gave me the delusion of being able to get away with it. So I kept doing it and getting away with it for over ten years.

Fast Forward to my Birthday. Well the day before my Birthday actually. It was a Tuesday night. It was quiz night down the pub. As per usual I took advantage of the half price jugs of house beer and was pretty jolly. Well I left at my usual time (just before midnight to get the last train home). Seeing as though it was my birthday (and my 30th at that) I felt like celebrating. So on the train I texted the girl that I had been seeing on an ad hoc casual basis to see if she was up and if she felt like a booty call. She was and she did.

So instead of the very short 5 min drive home from the station I decided to drive to the other side of the city because it was my birthday and I was horny. So after an hour or so of intense sexual action I left as I had to be up at about 6ish for work. As it was now after 2am I thought I needed to get home as quickly as possible. As there was no traffic around I decided to push the envelope speed wise. Well about 500 meters from home I passed a police car. I was probably doing 90 in a 60 zone. Well the Police did a U-Turn and pulled me over. I was literally across the road from my house. They couldn't get me for the speeding but obviously they could give me the breathaliser.

I blew 0.065 and my normal excuse of "yeah I only had a couple of beers" wasn't going to cut it. I was taken down to the station; I was charged, fined and made to feel very small. I lost 10 demerit points that day. As I had only lost 2 previously, I was given a choice. Loss of License for 3 months or a 12 month probation where if I lost a point in the next 12 months I would lose my license for 6 months. I took the probation option.

Anyways I got up at 6. Went to work after no sleep. Didn't feel like interacting with people. Yet because it was my 30th Birthday there were balloons, cakes, well-wishers etc. I had to put on my smiley face and say thanks to everyone.

So despite the fact almost everybody I knew at the time made a massive effort to make my 30th the best birthday ever, the day itself was one of the most miserable days of my life. These days I don't own a car. Mainly because of what transpired on this night. I'm not sure if I could live with myself if I killed somebody when driving drunk. So to make sure I don't, I don't have a car.

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